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Graminex™ Flower Pollen Extract

Collected from Flowers grown in Polluted-free field in Ohio, United States. No chemicals, sprays or weed killers are ever used.

Specially selected flowers ensure a controlled mixture of pollen grains. Each tablet contains a standardized amount of Graminex™ Flower Pollen Extract.

A powerful concentrate of  “pure pollen” extracted from the heart of pollen grain. The husk of pollen is totally removed.

Graminex™ Flower Pollen Extract eliminates risk of allergic reaction by using a natural, low-heat process for easier absorption in the body.

Graminex™ Flower Pollen Extract is backed by over 50 years of scientific research.

Bee Pollen

Collected from beehives that are often contaminated with fungi, rodent debris, insect wings, bacteria and other pollutions.

Unable to maintain strict product standards due to the quality and type of pollen collected from beehives cannot be controlled. Bee Pollen varies from tablet to tablet even within the same bottle.

Contains hard outer pollen husk which can cause allergenic reactions.

Bee Pollen can cause allergenic reactions. Every Bee Pollen product usually comes with a statement of warning consumers of possible allergenic reactions.

Not a scientifically proven product. Claims cited for bee pollen are often based on research for flower pollen